Guest Author

Jika Anda adalah seorang yang gemar akan karya tulis, kami membuka wadah agar bisa kita gunakan bersama – sama membangun mental melalui tulisan. Tunjukan karya tulis anda bisa dinikmati oleh dunia melalui blog ini. Kirimkan karya anda ke


If you are a person who likes in papers, we opened the place  that we can use together to build positive mental through writing. Show me your papers which could be enjoyed by the world through this blog. Submit your work to


6 thoughts on “Guest Author

  1. anna mosca

    Hello, I see you put a follow on my poetry/photography site, thank you! If you see anything you think you will like to see re-posted on your blog I’m fine with it (as long as credits shows), just let me know 🙂

    1. CV ARISTON KUPANG Post author

      Boleh mbak…….ada yang mau menulis (guest writer) kami perbolehkan asalkan ditulis bilingual….untuk tulisan bersifat mengiklankan kami kenakan biaya terima kasih


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