Sponsored Posts : Mana Duluan Diciptakan, Ayam Atau Telur ? (Which one is created firstly, Chicken Or Egg?)

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Seperti pada misteri duluan mana ayam atau telur, para ahli telah memecahkannya melalui jalan penelitian dan menggunakan pendekatan-pendekatan ilmiah. Seandainya pendekatan-pendekatan ilmiah dilakukan untuk menyelesaikan segudang permasalahan korupsi di Indonesia maka mungkin saja Negara kita ini akan tambah maju dan makmur seperti ayam yang dinyatakan lebih dulu ada.

As in the mystery of chicken and egg, the experts have solved it through researches and scientific approaches. Should scientific approaches adopted to solve the myriad problems of corruption in Indonesia then it is possible that our country will be more developed and prosperous as stated that chicken came first.

Photo taken from google

Photo taken from google, Post sponsored by wordpress.com



Ketut Rudi



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