Stop Kekerasan Pada Anak – Anak ! (Stop Violence On Children !)

Jika anak banyak dicela, maka kelak mereka akan terbiasa menyalahkan orang lain.  Jika anak sering dimusuhi, maka mereka akan terbiasa menentang. Jika anak sering dihantui ketakutan dalam hidupnya, maka mereka akan terbiasa merasa cemas. Jika anak banyak dikasihani, maka mereka akan terbiasa meratapi nasibnya. Jika anak sering diolok – olok, maka mereka akan tumbuh menjadi pemalu.

If the child is much criticized, and soon they will get used to blame others. If the child is often regarded as an enemy, then they will get used to oppose. If children are often haunted by the fear , then they will get used to feeling anxious. If the child is much to be pitied, then they will get used to lament their fate. If the child is often mocked fun, then they will grow up to be shy.


Jika anak serba dimengerti sejak kecil, maka mereka akan terbiasa menjadi penyabar. Jika anak sering diberi dorongan dan motivasi, maka akan tumbuh rasa percaya diri dalam diri mereka. Jika anak banyak dipuji, maka mereka akan menjadi insan yang menghargai orang lain. Jika anak diterima oleh lingkungannya, maka mereka akan terbiasa menyayangi.

If the child is completely understandable since childhood, so they would get used to being patient. If the children are often given encouragement and motivation, then it will grow confidence in themselves. If the child is much praised, then they will be beings who respect others. If a child  accepted by the environment, then they will get used to cherish.


Jika anak sering mendapatkan pengakuan, maka Ia akan terbiasa menetapkan arah langkahnya. Jika anak diperlakukan dengan jujur, maka Ia akan terbiasa melihat kebenaran. Jika anak ditimang dengan tidak berat sebelah, maka Ia akan terbiasa hidup dalam keadilan.

If a child often get recognition, then he will get used to set up direction of his steps. If the child treated with honesty, then they will get used to seeing the truth. If the child is cuddled with no bias, then he will get used to live in justice.


 “Stop kekerasan pada anak – anak !”, ini harus dikampanyekan!. Bagaikan selembar kertas putih, anak – anak itu belum mengerti dunia ini. Namun kadang kala banyak kita jumpai prilaku orang dewasa malahan seperti anak kecil, nah orang – orang seperti inilah hendaknya dikerasi dalam pendidikannya.

Stop Violence On Children !“, this should be campaigned !. Like a sheet of white paper, the child does not understand the world yet. But sometimes we meet many adult behavior even as a small child, then people like these should be treated hard  in education.



Article and Photo by Ketut Rudi

Models : Putu Rias



6 thoughts on “Stop Kekerasan Pada Anak – Anak ! (Stop Violence On Children !)

  1. lylitu

    thank you for your message, my friends, it is very very important that the highest number of people read your post, so, I decided to reblog it on my own blog..
    thank you again and a big embrace to the sweet Putu Rias

  2. lylitu

    Reblogged this on gnoccapensiero and commented:
    cari amici,
    i messaggi sani arrivano da qualsiasi parte del mondo ed in qualsiasi lingua, ma la sostanza non cambia…
    i bambini sono il futuro dell’umanità, che siano carne della nostra carne o creature che non hanno più nessuno…
    curiamoli, educhiamoli ed amiamoli tutti allo stesso modo, sarà un onore dare tutti un contributo senza egoismi, campanilismi, ottusità e meschinità…
    sono bambini tutti, e sono tutti nostri…
    vi abbraccio, lyl


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