The evolution of energy consumption

The John Wish Blog

Although little has changed for energy in terms of overall per capita consumption, the industry and our infrastructure have evolved significantly over the past several decades.

Improved insulation materials and instillation techniques, as well as an array of other efficiency upgrades, have made climate management considerably less intense. Homes are staying warmer in the winter. Cooler in the summer. At virtually no increased cost to the consumer!

People tend to think that cooling a house costs more than warming it, when in fact it’s the opposite! Heating actually uses MORE energy. 85% of American households feature either gas or electric-powered climate systems.


Energy consumption also varies by region. For example, in the United States, coastal cities consume much less energy (per capita) compared to the rest of the country. Electricity is now the “fuel of choice” in the South, a trend which is expected to continue as more of the…

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