Teach your children a love of nature from an early age

In the modern era, children are more like robots and video games, is very rare kids who like to walk in the fields, the beach or  parents are lazy to walk around.


Planting trees is one of the activities that must be carried out by each family in supporting Planting 1 Billion Tree program, announced by the government. We hope that these trees continuously providing all children with their parents  a better living environment, especially in reducing CO2 emissions in our air,


All trees planted from a seed that having a high risk of failure to thrive, but with careful choice and teaching to our children to keep it well, watered, fertilizer and so forth.

We do not teach how seedlings a tree, but by showing a tree hopefully will replace  robot icon from  minds of our children.


Article And Photo by Ketut Rudi Utama


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