529186_4200231775086_1801576417_nLocation: Ngalu Roga Vilagge Ndona Regency Flores

sabana2Location : Mamboro Village West of Sumba Island

IMG_2339Location : Water power plants Bolok village Kupang

DSCN1528Location : Pukdale Village Oesao

IMG_1143Location : Km 40 street To Bolok Kupang

100_0471Location : Sabu Island

IMG_1182Location : Bolok Kupang

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALocation : Sabu Raijua Island

IMG_0841Location : Meja mountain Ende

IMG_0677Location : Oesao

DSCN0785Location : Nasipanaf Village Kupang

IMG_0924Location : Noepesu Village Kefamenanu

DSC_04431Location : Kolbano Beach TTS

DSC_0368Location : Oelmina Bridge TTS

sungaiLocation : Manggarai Timur

100_0211Location : Road to Kolbano Beach TTS

2011-09-17 09.19.06Location : Hane Village TTS

2011-09-17 08.55.10Location : Kesetnana Village TTS

2011-09-17 13.47.45Location : West of Insana TTU

DSCN1235Location : White wood TTS

All Picture by : Ketut Rudi Utama



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