Development is equal to ART

Development is like painting or sculpting, it requires very hard work. Construction supposed to produce results that are beautiful, safe and useful for many people.


Development requires a lot of material. Fortunately these materials are available in a much of amount. But caution, it should be promoted to control the exploration and usage of it,  because it will  damage the environment such as landslides, floods and damage the ecosystems.


Over exploration can damage nature. But the development definitely is requiring  material and I call development is an art. For example, in  construction of roads or stone gabion when requires quite high amount of sand and stone material. In practice the material stacked along the road with no obvious signs. So motorists should  more careful when crossing the development areas to avoid accident.


Like a pair of scales, and the development and environment must balanced. It is unfortunately if the construction  carried out but the residents are not able to take care it instead of scribble, stealing the material and doing vandalism. Result of the construction should be kept just like enjoying the beautiful scenery.


Yes I am very pleased with the outcome of some development. I love beautiful stones that is not tampered and damaged,  so my wife and son could take pictures of beautiful nature. And of course I am glad to cross the beautiful nature and beautiful development that does not destroy nature.

DSC_0366 DSC_0368 DSC_0370DSC_0544

The road  was already built-in the top of the cliff. Then fishermen are able to sell their catch to the market easier. Farmers are able to work on their fields with modern equipment. The road is very important for economic growth. The Village at  night is not dark anymore.


I stood on a rock and I will live on this rock. Thank you my country. The development maybe the most beautiful art on earth.


By Ketut Rudi Utama



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