Powerful of The Ancient

Hearing the word ancient or old age, ranging from small children to adults will respect on the object. What’s wrong with the old?, Oh it turns out when we asked then one by one gives an excuse of reasons starting that make no sense to make sense.


There are some opinion states that ancient objects  sacred at that time, as have the power. There are a few people still trying to collect antiques with  intention of satisfying the wish, even supposedly these items can even be purchased at a high price .


In my mind, the art of antique objects  is manifestation of the people who made it long time ago. Roughly what the message is  conveyed by the craftsmen at that time. A thousand form of old art, but one word we may say that “Powerful of The Ancient “. You may prove it by developing your own house and put a lot of ancient art surrounding . It Must be very beautiful.


There is also now, an artist who makes a work of art by making old-fashioned stuff. So their new work but entitled “ancient”. The artist attempts to keep the cultural heritage of their ancestors in order to avoid extinction  like Astek tribes.


Ancient objects especially in the eastern parts of the world is still believed to have the power. Science is not yet able to answer this matter. Most people still recognize that eastern ancient objects have souls and magical powers that are strong enough. Albert Einstein once made a quota “everything that you could imagine is real”, so it may be true that if we believe it has the power  so that power will be there. But according to the view of Balinese that they are not afraid of Bali statue in the front of yard, but they are afraid of the word of “God” which is given to the statue. Hearing the name of God, made them afraid and its mean respect to the god. fear of sin, fear of lazy to work, afraid of saying rude, and they are afraid to hear the name of God is in all directions on the ground of Bali.


Article and Photos by Ketut Rudi

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