Tumpeng Parade (Bali)


Indonesia is the island of god, island of a thousand island “archipelago”, and of course the people are very friendly and afraid of hurting anybody else. Harmonization of nature, human beings and god, micro cosmos and macro cosmos. That is why we could find a lot of symbol and way in a daily base which used by the people in Indonesia. This is one of the example named tumpeng. Tumpeng made by steamed rice. In the past it was only one color and shape such a cone. This means that everything in the earth come from one source  God and everybody shall be grateful to God. It is the same meaning with the way of entailing hand while prying. In daily base Tumpeng  presented in ceremonial event and praying together as a form of respect to the gods and enjoyed together with family after that.

Currently Tumpeng transformed into a very beautiful art while collaborated with tropical fruits, flower, leaves etc . Check some picture of Tumpeng:


Article by Ketut Rudi

Photo by Putu Utama

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