Interconecting to the land of Pasola “Sumba”

Development of electricity in Indonesia continued by the government. Indonesia is an archipelago that would be difficult to reach remote villages. For example, the island of Sumba.

601947_10201269876979975_367993444_nSumba is an island located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. This island has a connecting stretch of savannah that stretched from one village to another.Sumba is famous for its  dance Pasola and customs.

rumah adatConnecting road between the village and the district has been developed well and is able to provide the function and meaning.

hasil pembangunan 1The way is open for the entry of citizens of development and economic growth. By good education, trade,  farms, and plantations.

jalan ditengah sabana1As a continuation of development, followed by a good supply of electrical energy that comes from diesel generators or renewable energy.

interkoneksiThrough this article, we know that the development was difficult. Able to overcome further challenges. And I am really proud that I was able to get involved and contribute to this development, although the numbers are quite small. And I really enjoy the natural beauty of the island of Sumba

sbana 1sabana2It’s beautiful isn’t it?

By Ketut Rudi

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